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The Right Washcloths and Their Care

Although buying your regular washcloths may seem like a rather mundane, regular chore, it is truly something significant you are doing for your house. Washcloths can sometimes be the most used, abused and overdone utilities you have around your house. Having a washcloth is not just a good way to keep your home clean, but also an important way to keep germs at bay.

There are many places around the house where you will use a washcloth, and it is best that you have a separate washcloth for each area. You are sure to have a washcloth that you will use to wipe your bathroom, one for cleaning other areas of the house and more than one for your kitchen. It is most important that you do not replace one for another, as it will only lead to more unhygienic conditions in the house.

In the kitchen, washcloths are used most extensively when compared with other areas of the house. Ensure that you have a separate washcloth to dry off your dishes, and one for the counter top. Keep another spare for other parts of the kitchen which may need some cleaning. When doing the dishes, and especially while drying them, you must ensure that the cloth is very clean, and free form moisture. This might need you to wash your cloth every day, and dry it out in the sun before you use it. This is the best way to keep your washcloth clean and prevent germs from spreading to fresh dishes.

The countertop is a place where lots of food is cut and cooked, and has the maximum chance of picking up stains and odours. You will need to clean out stickiness, remnants of spices and oil, and also any vegetable or fruit peels and also fat from meats. Therefore, the washcloth used for the counter top is best left unused on any other part to prevent odours, stains and colour from getting onto them. It also maintains the hygiene in your kitchen. Use a separate washcloth to clean out drawers and shelves.

It is imperative that all washcloths be used after every single use. This will prevent them from getting too dirty and keep them looking new. It is also important to prevent dirt from spreading in the house. Use a strong disinfectant and wash them in warm water, giving them a hot rinse before you finish washing them. Ensure they are dried in a well ventilated area which receives plenty of direct sunlight.

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